Dear Visitor to Kimberly's amazing Mayniacs Site!

Brian May here. We’ve undergone Spring cleaning as you can see!

We’ve quietly undergone a reshaping of our family of WEBSITES. has now become my own site for my own soapbox ravings, sporadic answers to some questions, and Jen’s History of the World! Maki’s Timelily pages will continue to host the inputs of many of our fans and friends, as well as be a special link to all in Japan. And Here you are in Kimberly’s wonderland of features -- al as before, except that now doesn’t take you DIRECTLY here.

It is my fervent hope that we will remain as close in spirit in our separate incarnations as before when we were under one roof. The new format will enable us all to grow, and reach out for new frontiers! But you will find connecting links on all the sites -- so browse freely as you feel inclined!!

Have fun in "Mayniacs" !!!

With Love,


The Official UNofficial Homepage for Brian Mayniacs


"The Official UNOFFICIAL Page for Brian Mayniacs
does most of the things that May's pages at the
official Queen site should do, but fail to..."

Record Collector, Oct. 1999

Hope you like our new home!

Feel free to sit down, kick off your clogs and make yourself at home.

Now, would you like a coffee or cup of tea?
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