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    Love Token's Scrapbook

    The Adventures of a Rock and Roll Groopie in 3D


      WWRY Melbourne Diary  

    ~ ~ ~

    I visited your Web-Site - very emotional for me - I had not seen
    those scenes for a long time - I felt like I was truly visiting
    Another World ! So far away it seems - I am in a place now where I
    can live, and I am forever thankful, but there were some celestial
    moments out there when I was wearing my "Brian May Band " hat. Good
    times, good friends, joy in finding out how far we could go... How
    unbearably sad to see our old bus, even more so to see Cozy, jolly
    with the rest of us young things...... I thank from the bottom of
    my heart everyone who helped me live that dream all those years ago
    now....til soon."

    ~Brian May

    "What a great thing you have done, Sister.
    It's fabulous and so far has brought back such incredible memories.
    Thanks for alerting me of it, it's really fabulous.
    Keep on rocking girl."

    -Catherine Porter

    "Just been looking at your Online Scrapbook. Really great.
    It sure took me back. So much I miss...
    Hope you don't mind, but I've taken some of your pics
    for my own personal scrapbook.
    Everybody reminisces...Once again, great job. See you soon."

    -Jamie Moses

    "Just looked at most of your gallery - excellent!
    Just one thing...
    you should have a few photos of Jamie in there...!!!"

    -Neil Murray

    ~ ~ ~


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