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A Personal Message from Twit E.

Hi' ya!!!

Thanks! Love and y'all come back now.

Sincerely, T.E. Conway X

Twit E. Conway:

A Crockumentary

Born in Henrietta, Texas and raised in Tennessee, Was a young man named Conway, his first name Twit E. A home-made guitar was his claim to fame. Made from a fire place, Watch out for the flame!

He played the south over, with Cliff Deacy on bass. Keepin' it country with every hair in it's place. He returned home to Texoma and cruised before a gig. Hearing Queen in the suburbs, he halted his rig.

With the miraculous riffs, Twit was a'smitten! The name of the Axe Man on the car in shoe polish was written. He raced to the store and bought A Day at the Races, and spent the rest of the day putting his guitar through it's paces.

Over in England, Uncle Spikey was fit to be wired!

Neither Brian nor Rog could come to the Empire! So he started calling every Cat he could find. He was about to give up when Twit E. came into mind.

Twit jumped on the plane and travelled afar. But in his excitement, he forgot his guitar! He came out on stage, singin' CW blues. You couldn't hear poor Twit over the thunderous "Boo's".

Someone handed him an axe that belonged to Brian May! Twit remembered the tune he'd learned in in the suburbs that day. "Stoke up them drums! Hammer that pedal! Keep up with the beat! We gonna play heavy metal!"

To be there was to remember and we'll long recall the day. The shades, the hair and Twit E. Conway.

Bassist Neil Murray comments of the crossover phenomenon...

"Interesting note: I have a collection of comedy songs by Peter Sellers from the early 1960s, and on one he is a bad rock singer called...... Twit Conway! (Brian had no knowlege of this when he first did the character).

Ed. note: Great minds obviously twit alike...and Neil, it's time to clean out the old record collection, Dude...

Twit Profile

Full Name: Twit E. Conway
Place of Birth: Tennessee, with close kin over t'yonder in Texas
Hair Color: Cain't make it out for the hair grease!
Eye Color: Cain't make it out for the shades!
Height: ‘Bout this high
Weight: He fine, jes the way he is

Professional Debut: With SAS, December 17, 1994 at the Official Queen Fan Club Christmas Party in London, England. Twit stole the show with a country-rock version of Tie Your Mother Down and It's Only Make Believe.

Discography: Retro Rock, Hollywood Records; September 15, 1998 Track List: Maybe Baby; Hot Patootie, Bless My Soul; It's Only Make Believe (now a Twit standard!!); FBI

Have you ever seen Brian May and Twit E.
in the same place at the same time?

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