Good Company
Words and music by Brian May
From the album 'A Night At The Opera' - 1975

Tabbed in March 2002 by:
Alberto Orlandini
alias The Man On The Prowl on Noticeboard.

I know there are other tabs of this song on the Internet.
Yet, I was asked to write a different tab for this song
because my committent wanted a simple one but faithful.
So I thought to share it on the Internet.
I have written it in another key, you'll find out why.

This tab is good if you want to play this song live, or alone,
but it is not fit if you want to reproduce the song like on the record.


General information:

Brian played this song on a 'Genuine Aloha Ukelele'
(a small Japanese guitar with 4 strings).

The original key is F#.
If you want to play it with a standard guitar you have to use the capofret,
so that you play the song in key of C but sounds like if you are playing it
in key of F#.

A friend of mine said that only women use capofret ;-)
I have nothing against women playing the guitar,
but GENERALLY they are not so good, that's a fact.
Anyway, in this case using a capofret is the only way to imitate an ukelele
with a guitar!


Capofret on the 6th fret:

F -|--0----------------1----------------0----------------1----------------

      G7               C                G7               C

F -|--1---1---1---1----0-------1--------

      C   C   F   Ab7  G       C

Take good care of what you've got
My father said to me
As he puffed his pipe and Baby B
He dandled on his knee
      C         C            F     Ab7
Don't fool with fools who'll turn away
     G              C
Keep all good company
    G         C
Ooh Ooh   Ooh Ooh
     C       C7        F         Ab7
Take care of those you call your own
    G               C
and keep good company

Soon I grew and happy too
My very good friends and me
We'd play all day with Sally J
The girl from number four
And very soon I begged her
Won't you keep me company?
Ooh Ooh   Ooh Ooh
Come marry me for evermore
We'll be good company

    A7                         Dm
Now marriage is an institution sure
   G7                               C
My wife and I our needs and nothing more
       Dm/C         /B          /Bb      /A
All my friends by a year by and by disappeared
          /G#                    E
But we're safe enough behind our door

I flourished in my humble trade
My reputation grew
The work devoured my waking hours
But when my time was through
Reward of all my efforts my own
Limited Company

I hardly noticed Sally as we parted company

All through the years in the end it appears
There was never really anyone but me

Now I'm old I puff my pipe
But no one's there to see
I ponder on the lesson of
My life's insanity
Take care of those you call your own
And keep good company

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