My Boy

Written by Brian May

From the album "Lullabies With A Difference"

These are the chords for My Boy.
Brian wrote this song in G.
I figured the chord out on my piano, but the midifile I made of it really sucks.
If you know the song, you'll play it instantly.
So here it goes:

The intro is a G chord followed by a C. This repeates 2 times.
Of course it was originally played on a piano.
Then the verses:

G	    C        D       C	
Strange how soon the party's over

Emi      D       G   
I should know by now

G          C      D           C
My hand no longer guides your footsteps

Emi     D          G
Now you guide your own

    C          G           D             D
And all that's left is the sound of your voice

         C           G           D
And your face as you were on the screen

Emi             G             Emi   D
Hush, don't you cry, there'll be no pain

Emi              G           C       Emi         D
The bad wolf has gone, he'll have no part of our game

G       C        D            C       Emi      D
All too soon the dreamworld's fading, says farewell.

Emi      D     G      C
Since my boy became a man

G followed by C two times, then a G
(Spoken) Don't make it too soon

Emi D     G
My  small boy......

That's it. I hope you enjoy it.