Your heart will tell you everything you need
~~ Foreign Sand, Roger Taylor

Ellis Davis's Eulogy for Tim
Funeral service: 12/4/01

Tim, my darling. My sweetie. My best friend.

Ours was a fairy tale romance. You were the white knight in shining armor and I was the damsel in distress and you made me your Queen.

Once upon a time, there was a woman from Canada and a man from the United States who met on a crazy thing called the Internet. That man, that knight, was Tim. That woman, that damsel, was me. Even though we lived in different countries, we still "met" online and fell in love. We met in a chat room in Australia devoted to the rock band Queen.. The song at our wedding was called "Foreign Sand" - a song by one of the members of Queen. We chose that because we both came from different countries, and we "met" in a country on the other side of the earth. And no matter where we were together - one of us would always be on foreign sand.

Because we met on the Internet, Tim used to joke that he bought me on E-bay. He also used to joke that because I was imported, I had more value.
I know that Tim loved me. He used to say that he loved me first and he loved me best. And I'd say that maybe he did love me first, but he didn't love me best! He used to try to outdo me on the "I love you's." He say "I love you". I'd say "I love you, too". He'd say "I love you three". I'd say "I love you four". Then he'd say "I love you more." He told me every single day that he loved me. And he told me OFTEN how happy he was and that he was happy because of me. I think I'll cherish those words more than anything else.

Tim, I love you so much. I don't know what I am going to do without you. I love you. I miss you. Someday we will have our happily ever after - but you'll have to wait for me. I KNOW you wouldn't want me to hurry because you loved life so much. But someday, one day.

I love you, my sweetie.

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