Jane's Tribute to Tim Davis
December 28, 2001

Back in the early winter of 1996 Tim and I were working in the office on a Sunday afternoon/evening. I got up to leave and he said he was going to stay longer. I suggested he take a break and maybe surf the Internet a little to relax. At this point, the Internet was a moneymaking opportunity for Tim but nothing more.

"There's nothing out there of interest to me." Was basically his response. I got on YAHOO and did a quick search for "QUEEN". I found Richard's site. I wrote the site down on a sticky note and gave it to him. "Check this out, it might be interesting."

I came in Monday morning. He had circles under his eyes. He'd been up all night. He had discovered chat rooms. "I talked to this guy in Israel and this girl in Argentina and ... and ... and..." He was so excited. Apparently the boy never had pen pals as a kid!

He was hooked. He found an entire new world of friends with interests and passions to match his.

He also discovered ICQ, which was the bane of MY existence. You guys would ICQ him ALL @#!?# day. My desk was in his office at the time and all I heard ALL DAY was that annoying 'uh oh' beepy noise. When he noticed my hands clenching and teeth gritting and eye twitching he turned the volume UP. And laughed.

The worst ICQ-er was to be the love of his life - Ellis. He asked me one day in January or February of 1997 to look up where Toronto was in relation to Minneapolis. He'd 'met' this fabulous woman from there. She came to visit in April and stayed. I was thrilled... partially because he was so happy, partially because I liked her and partially because the damn ICQ noise was done!

The void he's left us all is unbelievable. I was his friend for about 10 years and worked for him for 7+ years. We fought with each other and stood beside each other through good times and bad times. I lost my safety net when he died as well as one of the best friends I've ever had.

Jane Runyon

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