Jayme's Tribute to Tim Davis
December 13, 2001

Well, Tim, it was 2 weeks ago today that you passed away. When Paul told me the news, and after I was through saying 'huh?" I remembered our last words to each other. First there was an argument, and then you apologized (for once) and asked, "Still love me?" I wrote back and said, "Yes, I still love you."

The week before, I had wondered why I was having all those deep, mushy feelings of appreciation for you. They confused me, but I expressed them to you anyway. I don't think I'd ever done that with anyone as frustrating as you before. But pissing people off was one of your best talents, and probably the main reason you entered my life. I learned so much from you, Tim, especially unconditional love

I remember the first time I got mad at you. We were all in Richard's chat. Ellis and I made a very obnoxious, but hilarious entrance, and you did not appreciate it at all. You didn't know who we really were, so you sent private messages to both of us, calling us names. I think you called me a jack ass. Ellis and I started calling you a pig after that. So you began signing everything with a pig symbol -- :@) You were, no doubt, the Great King Rat.

I remember when I had to be hospitalized for suddenly going numb. I did not want to go into a hospital, but you talked me into it. You promised to call every day and catch the next plane to Atlanta at a moment's notice. In the end, you called every day without fail, and I didn't need you to fly to Atlanta after all. I remember how you left groceries every week at Kara's doorstep, then walked away knowing she would eat that week. I remember how you took Cat under your wing at One Vision. You gave up your chance to win the scavenger hunt so that she could have a chance. You made sure she was taken care of the entire time. You were always there to help Queen fans. Always.

I remember how you gave me a job and allowed Abby to patiently teach me web design and Photoshop, all long distance from your office. I was not ready to commit to anything like that, but you gave me whatever tools I needed to work with at whatever level I was on. You let me call the shots, which I know was hard for you. You practically begged me to get back into drawing, then you treated each finished piece like a Picasso. When I sold my Freddie prints at Breakthru 2001, you bragged that you had a "DeCas Original" at home. You always treated me like a true artist even though I rarely felt like one. You accepted my artist's mentality with all its complexities and helped me believe in myself. You accepted me as I was.

You were that way with everyone. You knew how to believe in people, and you had the knack of convincing others to believe in themselves. You also convinced others to believe in those you believed in! You wanted a sense of community wherever you went. You thought everyone should be friends no matter what, and grudges were not acceptable in your reality. You taught us all through your example (and sometimes insistence) how to forgive and forget.

You were my brother, my father, my enemy, and my friend. I know without a doubt that you were meant to be in my life exactly the way you were. You have touched my life on so many levels, and I thank you for helping me to grow whether I wanted to or not. You are precious, Tim, I want to remember everything about you.

Yes, I still love you.

You'll never have to ask again.

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