Tim Davis
Eulogy - December 4, 2001
by Jørgen Runås

Before I begin, I would like to say a final farewell to Tim on behalf of the circle of Queen friends (too many to list) we shared with Tim and Ellis. Not everyone was able to attend today, but send their deepest sympathies to Ellis, Tim's children and his family.

The words that come to mind when we think of Tim: SO FULL OF LIFE.

He was full of spirit, full of compassion for all the people and things he held dear to his heart.

Tracy and I met Tim and Ellis online in late 1996 as "chat friends", but our friendship blossomed into a deeper connection after meeting face to face at Heathrow airport in London in May, 1999. We travelled by car to a Queen Convention in Wales as a group and spent the next 4 days together. It was the beginning of many of our visits to Minnesota and their visits to Toronto and we treasure all our time spent together.

The 4 of us have one unique common bond. Tim and Ellis were the 1st couple to meet and marry from our chat site; we were the second and our times together were full of fun and friendship. We were deeply honoured to have Tim as our best man at our wedding in July, 2000.

One of the most inspiring sides of Tim was his love for children. He was "Uncle Tim" to our Holly and James. They just loved their TIMBO. He was the #1 FUN GUY in their lives and they spoke of him often asking when we would see Timbo and Elbo again. Tim was great interacting with them and involved them in so many activities. Just this past August, at a Queen convention in Cleveland, Holly was so thrilled to be asked to be "Great King Rat's" entourage. Photos of the two of them together show Holly with a beaming smile. When told of Tim's passing, she was upset that she never had the opportunity to say goodbye and give him a big hug. We said goodbye for Holly and James yesterday.

Tim was immensely proud of his own children, speaking of them all the time. Their loss is inconceivable, but Tim's guidance and love will have a lasting impact on them for the rest of their lives. He was a great father and we know that they will live their lives knowing that Tim loved them more than life itself. Our deepest sympathies lie with Keith, Lindy, Katie and Amy.

As a friend, you couldn't help but notice his generosity with both his time and money. At a gathering last year in Detroit, Tim took Holly and James out for a late night ice cream but came back with enough Tacos and Drinks to feed ALL the participants in the convention room. That was just a typical gesture from Tim.

He helped me to launch a new career when my employment ended earlier this year. He was a source of business knowledge giving me wonderful ideas and strategies. I spent just last weekend with him and Ellis on a combined business and pleasure trip where he took time out to discuss further developing the business I had started. He was full of ideas and gave so much of himself. A better BEST MAN could not have been hoped for.

Tim was a good person to all of us and loyal to all he called friend;

He was a dear brother and son; very much family oriented;

He was a loving father, so proud of his children;

And he was an adoring husband, so much in love with Ellis.

Tim's physical presence is no longer with us and our grieving has only just begun. It is unbelievable that we are gathered here today to say goodbye to the man we knew and loved as Tim Davis, but his larger than life character, his goodness and his love for all of us will live on in our hearts, minds and souls forever. We don't know why sad things happen, we can only know that nothing beautiful in this world is every really lost because all precious things live on in our memory forever.

We will miss you dear Tim, your huge smile, care and work hard/play hard attitude. You were taken away from our daily lives but our memories still live on and you will never EVER be forgotten.

"In Norwegian" à "Vi lyser fred over ditt minne", or directly translated to English from Norwegian: We wish peace over your memory.

We love you.
My Friend Tim Davis
by Tracy Runås

Tim Davis was one of a kind. He was an incredible human being and such a lovely man. When I received a phone call from my friend Ellis at 2:37am on that fateful night with the words that Tim had died, I absolutely could not believe my ears. Surely there must be some mistake; surely this could not be HER Tim, OUR Tim. Even now, the events of the last week seem surreal.

Tim had such immense spirit and determination; he was goal oriented, ambitious and driven. He could definitely test your patience and sometimes make you want to scream, but that was his energy, his intense being. He lived every day as if it was his last and because of that, he was the happiest person you could ever meet.

He was a success in every aspect of his life because he would never see it any other way. He gave his all to everything, he thought positive and flourished because of it. That was the Tim we all knew and you couldn't help be envious of his incredible outlook towards life.

I have kept saying to my husband, Jorgen, that I imagine wherever Tim is right now, he's bloody angry that he had to leave so soon. We really need him here because a life without Tim just won't be the same. You hear of any death and it's tragic, but in the case of Tim, it just seems like such a waste. He was only 42, but he still has a wife that loves him dearly, children that love and need him desperately, parents and brothers and sisters that want their family to remain complete, and geez, I want Tim back because he was one of my closest friends, our best man, our Timmy. No one else can fill this void, nobody. BUT, Tim did leave us with something that will help us to continue on. He gave us strength and the passion to live life to its fullest. We know that he would want us to carry on happy, not wallow away in sadness. Tim's persona was such that he would want us to heal and prosper, learn from what he had taught us and keep his memory alive - that is what we will do. He is gone and that is something we cannot change, but we are all better for having known him and his memory will never die.

Tim was my friend and he helped me in many ways. I loved him dearly and I grieve for him deeply, but I will continue on. I would like to think that we have an angel on our shoulders now.

Thank you for everything dear friend, now rest in peace.

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