Kathy's Tribute to Tim Davis
December 27, 2001

Writing this has been extremely difficult…mostly since in doing so I have to acknow-ledge that Tim is really gone. Losing my big brother has been more difficult than I could have ever imagined, and although I have such wonderful memories of him, it's hard to accept that there will be no more e-mails, phone calls, visits or great big "bear" hugs.

Tim took me to my first rock concert when I was 10 years old.

He entertained me with skits and shadow puppets when I was suppose to be in bed asleep.

He let me drive his ugly Nova long before I was legally able.

He assisted me on my first major hangover.

He took me to the movies, gave me grief about anyone I dated, took great pleasure in scaring the #$%@ out of me anytime he got the opportunity, gave me loving advice and never ever let me down.

I'll never forget Tim's "Jethro Bowl" he used for cereal (a huge serving bowl that he could fit about a half a box of Fruit Loops and a quart of milk into).

I'll never forget his extremely loud laugh. I'll never forget how he could speak volumes to you with just an expression.

I'll never forget how seriously he took his job as my brother.

I'll never forget how he always called me "Bird" instead of Kathy and how special it made me feel to have a pet name.

All of the beautiful things that I have read about Tim over the past few weeks can't come close to what a truly incredible person he was - however I for one appreciate and treasure every word! Tim touched so many people in such a positive manner, that I am still in awe of what he was...the best!

For those of you reading this, I ask that you do three things in Tim's memory:

  1. Decide what your true passion is in life and live it!
  2. Take a chance on something or someone! Life can get really boring at status quo!!
  3. Laugh every single day!
Tim may have left this world much too soon. However, he left a truly happy man and when its all said and done...how could you ask for anything more? He lived, loved, and laughed every single day with enthusiasm and excitement. May we all take that to heart!

Take care of yourself and each other,

Kathy Handy

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