Dear Tim,

As you know we met on three different occasions. After knowing each other already through the internet we met for the first time personally in 1998 at London Heathrow as we went to the Queen Convention together with a bunch of good friends. In 1999 we met again for the Queen Convention in Prestatyn, Wales. I met you for the last time at Tracy´s and Jorgen´s wedding last year.

Everytime we met and everyhwere we went we always had so much fun!

You were always such a kind person, so supportive of other people´s work, so full of life, so generous and so warm-hearted.

I couldn´t believe that you´re gone as I received that phone-call - and still I can´t.

I have many memories with you and I won´t forget you!

Thank you for so much, dear Tim!

Your friend Oliver

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