Paul's Tribute to Tim Davis

My phone started ringing at 6am. Being a night worker my initial reaction was ire that someone called that early. Soon I was up, I checked my email and started reading one specific one-'Sad news'--in utter disbelief I was reading that my friend, our Great King Rat had passed away. Now I KNEW why the phone was ringing.

I thought of other mutual friends, and immediately went about trying to contact them.

Tim and I go back a few years. We met in Richard Orchards Queenzone. And over the years he and Ellis have become family as many in the 'zone' have.

We would talk of many things stock, family, our kids, work, conventions and dreams. About 5 days before his passing, we exchanged emails. Tim-I said- Freddie B and Trey lost free web hosting, you still up for hosting Queen sites??? Am going to Tampa for a week. Cant wait. Oh yea made my reservation for Prestatyn, I hear your going but hope to see you two before then - Kiss your wife for me. Paul-- PS You know that auction Jacky is having? Well I bid your winnings on it, thanks for the present man! *LOL* (he had won in a poker tournament)-he replied to all but that one *LOL* I never could've imagined that would be our last email.

No doubt Tim worked hard and he played hard too. I said elsewhere that although he could sometimes appear to have a rough exterior those of us that knew him well knew on the inside he was a kind and gentle soul. The list could go on and on. From hosting any Queen related site for free, to quietly leaving groceries on a fan's door step to ensure she had food to eat, donuts for the long lines of fans waiting for Brian at the Guitar Center, to supplementing a restricted income of another fan, to even a simple 'whatever you need'.

Anyone for some Moet???

From the Magic Gathering, to OneVision99 and finally Breakthru2001-in the background or right up front, You could depend on him. I still hear him . "Get your raffle tickets--everyone's a winner" "hey come to mine and Ellis's room for some Moet' 'hey stick with us we wont let anything happen to you' 'you look like you need a t-shirt' Oh he could try your patience, but when it came down to crunch time you knew you could depend on him. In all our years we had words once-he was quick to call me and it was resolved. At one point there was a picture of Ellis Tim and I in Atlanta-Tim put a caption under it 'I love ya Man' --and literally it was taken when I was trying to say to him-no matter what had happened, that I respected him, was still glad to call him friend-he wouldn't let me finish, I think the caption he placed there was his reply to that discussion.

Jayme and I flew together to say goodbye to the Ratman. Trying to be strong, worried about Ellis, and still hoping somehow this was all a bad dream. Right up until the last minute I kept expecting him to pop out somewhere-'Hey I really got you guys this time didn't I??" followed by a big hearty laugh. It was not to be.

During the service, one of the candles in two windows, decided to burn the greenery around it. Jayme and I both caught it-a man at the back of the church ran to it and carried it out-when he picked it up-the flames really grew-Jayme and I looked at each other and together exclaimed 'Tim' I have no doubt that was him.

Tim is and will always be my friend, my brother, a member of my family.

Paul D.

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