Queen Fans and Friends

Sheri and Scott

We got to know Tim and his wife Ellis this year during planning and attending the Breakthru 2001 convention. Tim contributed a lot of effort to the convention, hosting and putting together our web page and all the work for our automated and credit card registration. Most everyone at the convention met Tim as he work at the table in the hall selling t-shirts and raffle tickets during the weekend (he was the tall guy that always had a big smile) and will remember his prize-winning Great King Rat costume on Saturday night. Tim was a very important part of that event and we enjoyed working with him during the planning and running of that very successful and fun gathering.

It's such a shock to lose someone so young so unexpectedly. We've lost a friend and an important part of the Queen on-line community. Tim will be greatly missed.
~ ~ ~

Frank Tunney

I only met Tim but twice - both times at the OIQFC Convention in Prestatyn and he was the epitome of an all American man - tall, rugged and full of life. He was, to both JenX and I, personable and full of the spirit of human kindness. I have two examples of his generosity - once when he offered to help bring MayBe? to the "Aid Atlanta Convention" and his support for the MayBe? web site. Both were given freely, with no side or desire to profit from them. He will be sorely missed. Our profound condolence to Ellis.

Catherine Porter

It is with great sadness that I write in my guestbook, a guest book on a site that was put together by some very wonderful, supportive and generous folks, one of whom we sadly lost this week. Tim Davis and his wife, Ellis, have hosted this wacky and wonderful site for the last few years and though I have never met them face to face, I have had e mail and phone correspondence with them and found them to be the most wonderfully giving and thoughtful people. Tragicallly Tim is no longer with us and will be sadly missed. Please join me in giving Ellis and her family all our love and support and keep them in our thoughts and prayers in particular at this extremely difficult time. It is in his memory that we will keep this website going and make him proud.

It just doesn't seem possible. He should have been here forever. What a lovely, generous and happy man. Life is not fair.

I well remember the day that Tim introduced himself at a Fan Club Convention, and asked if I would allow him to host my web page. - IF I WOULD ALLOW HIM...???? I was ecstatic. Since then, and in many ways, he has supported me and the Queen cause with his utter generosity of spirit.

The world is an emptier place. One of a kind.

God rest you, Tim.

We love you.

JenX and heFty
and MayBe?

~ ~ ~

Love Token

I never met Tim. That is something I will always regret. But when I heard the news, I was brought to tears. He has always been such a kind and generous person to me (and so many others)......hosting both of my sites, my personal scrapbook on brianmay.com and catherineporter.com, competely free of charge and without hesitation. And, just weeks ago when Catherine contacted Tim and his lovely wife to renew/transfer the domain registration, they simply replied, your money is on good around here and took care of that as well. He did all this without ever having to, or wanting to take credit for such things. A true Queen fan, doing it for the love of it. And doing it for us, all his fellow Queen fans. It is a sad loss for all of us. My heart goes out to Ellis and the rest of his family and friends. You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

Take care out there everyone. You are all precious.

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